Spoilt Dogs

I used to mock all the spolit pets out there, dressed up in Louis Vuitton and Juicy Couture, but now, Im in on the trend.
I have a little Chihuahua called 'Ellie', she is now one year old and for her birthday, my family and I went a little mad!!

Even when it was my birthday this year, my dog got a wrapped up present.

The question is, has the world gone too insane over our pets? Are they now spoilt?
Take a look at Paris Hilton and her hideous Chihuahua, the dog famous for making chihuahua couture popular...

the dog is practically more spoilt than Miss Hilton herself. It is a little crazy how there are doggy boutiques and online stores such as, www.divadogs.co.uk.
Its not just me that has taken my love for Ellie a bit too far, one of my closest friends Eleanor also has a chihuahua, (named Tinkerbell - no surprise as Eleanor has a severe obsession with Paris Hilton) and a cat called... can you guess? ... Paris. Yes, her cat is called Paris. Anyway, Eleanor's dog has its own wardrobe, filled with doggie coats and tops and all sorts. Its funny really, Ellie even has a hat and scarve set.

Do we really think it is necessary to spoil our pets?

Tell us any stories or experiences you have had with spoilt pets.

Love K

p.s. doggie shoes are next on my list ;)