The Alcohol Debate Result

In the end up, I had a few glasses of rose mixed with lemonade, enough to feel a little effect, but not enough to lose control. Sensible choice.

Following this, I would now like to learn how to make the perfect mojito cocktail, after discovering it fully in a little cocktail bar in Manchester (best drink I ever had?)

I apologize for the bad photography!!!
Anyway, the mojito cocktail originated in Cuba and is such an easy, simple drink that really expands the taste buds.
After looking in to different ways to make it, I have come up with a super recipe that only takes 3 minutes!

You will need:
1) a small handful of fresh mint leaves, preferably large in size
2) 1 and a half tsp of sugar, brown is recommended- also more sugar can be added according to preferance.
3) White rum, about 50ml
4) 6 average sized ice cubes
5) 1 lime (3 tbsp of fresh lime -more if you like a sour taste)
6) soda water added to preferance

How to make:

1) Put the all (except 1) of the mint leaves in to a glass, pushing them down to the bottom.
2) Add the sugar.
3) Squeeze the lime to get the juice, then put the 3 tbsp in the glass.
4) Stir.
5) Crush your ice cubes and put in to the glass.
6) Pour the white rum over the top.
7) Add the soda then mix.
8) Add the last mint leaf on top and shave the lime zest on top for final touch.

If your feeling fancy:
1) you could use flavoured rum, which does too taste great.
2) line the top of the glass with lime juice, immedietly putting salt/sugar on top, this makes the cocktail look even fancier and adds a little something.

Love K