Street Style London

This street style will be a little different today because the way I approached this boy was very unconventional.
I will tell you a little story about this beautiful boy.
Well, my friends and I were on a trip to London, and firstly visited the V&A to see the Grace Kelly exhibit and Raphaels work (which actually brought me to tears, it is so amazing.) When we were on the way out, my good friend jordan spotted this boy, his outfit was impeccable. He looked to marvelously different and so special that he is my London style choice (whether or not he is actually from London, I don't know.)
Everything about him epitomized where he was, (in my opinion) the best museum in the world.
This Street Style was unconventional because, for some reason, I got a little nervous, I didn't ask the boy his name, I didn't ask his inspiration, favorite store or anything else.
It is a shame.
Next, I would like to apologize to this boy due to how unprofessional I was, I had to scribble the blog link on to a scrap piece of paper.
Finally, I would like to thank him for his kindness.

Love K