Happy birthday Number 7!!

Can you believe it? The 75th aniversary of No.7 at Boots! I'd say they were looking quite good for their age ;), even better with the celebratory range!! To mark the big 7-5 No.7 has released a whole range of new eyeshadow trios, compacts, nail polishes and lip glosses that come in some gorgeous colours. The hues aim to take the customer on a journey through the decades with each palette being inspired by trends from each ten year span.

[All pictures nabbed from make up to make out.]






The compact

[All pictures nabbed from makeuptomakeout.blogspot.com]

So very very bright, you'd think a dream come true for me? Well I actually did have a slight issue. The look book that you can get shows looks that you can achieve from each trio with it's matching lipgloss and nail polish. I feel that the looks portrayed were not really achievable due to the actual shadows turning out very pale and not as vibrant. I always where primer to give shadows a base and that also gives them a boost in colour but not for these shades. I was slightly disappointed because I loved the 70's look but it really didn't turn out as pictured. Other than that thought the nail polishes are brilliant, very chip resistant and they come in gorgeous opaque, matte colours. If I was really really going to be picky I'd say that this doesn't even seem very celebratory to me, the concept of going through the decades is great but the packaging itself doesn't sell the product as it isn't very aesthetically pleasing. Having a boyfriend who has a background in graphic design I feel myself analysing these things a little too much [Look at the font, I mean come on!]. Maybe I am just used to the beautiful designs of brands like Urban Decay? I also though that the make up wasn't worth the price. I would say really try the colours out and get swatches before buying and don't just go off the colours.
I sound like such a hater now but I genuinely like alot of No.7 product but I felt slightly let down on this one. I'm not saying to not buy it, I could never do that but just swatch first and check out other reviews and try not to get your hopes up too much.

Love J.