The False Reliance on Technology

I am not a lover of technology, never have been, but I got myself a hard-drive to 'back-up' all my work.
I was told by a technician to put all my work, photos, music and all else on here so that my laptop wouldn't overload, but today, my hard-drive got a fault. I took it to a technician and quess what?
Every single photo I have ever taken has been deleted. I now have absolutely no way of retrieving these photos because yes, I am a dumb-ass and deleted them from everywhere else, trusting this hard-drive fully.
Now I have lost thousands of irreplaceable memories. I am heart broken, photographs are my life.
I used to use myspace to store all my pictures but recently went online and copied everyone to my hard-drive in order to delete myspace as I no longer use it. (Which reminds me, myspace deleted all my emails from LE ROSS THE BOSS- Ross Hancock, also heart breaking!)
After having such a fantastic day in a local trendy bar watching the England match, drinking from 1 o'clock in the day, always great, I have hit depression (okay, might be an exaggeration, but no-one can understand how much these photographs mean to me. ) I have also lost a live video of James Morrison (my husband...I wish) looking straight at me. How can I ever replace that, the proof. I am now so lost.

This made me think about everyones reliance on technology. There are so many faults with computers yet we put our lives in to it. The beloved Blackberries or I-Phones are devices that owners store so much personal information on, and like me, rarely back-up. Yet these phones can be easily stolen, crash, break, get water-damaged etc, and yes you may have insurance but how can you replace photos, favorite, significant text messages and the effort of retrieving phone numbers of everyone in your phone book? How about the people you may never, ever get back- such as someone you met on holiday and the only way you can contact them is by mobile? Or a job number, a contact you made at a fashion show?

I have never wanted to trust technology but after pressure from others, I gave in, and now I have lost such a massive part of my life- my whole past!

What about all the cases of online fraud? The websites that scam money out of you?
Everything becomes more dangerous behind a screen.
Pedophiles on Facebook? The fact that you can be found by anyone online, your house number, your address?
What about google earth that shows everyones houses?

The world has gone out of control for technology and for what? To lose yourself and your mind.
Some people make a living my stealing others possesions; laptops, phones, etc. And sell them on.

Last year, my brothers phone got stolen, the man who did it ran up hundreds of pound in minutes and even threatened my brother. The thief tried to meet up with my brothers friends in order to make them pay to return the phone.
This personal link to possesions of technology can take over your life. My brother was desperate to get back his sim card (which stored his details and numbers,) so his friends actually met the thief and bought back the phone - which could have resulted in a fight? further theft? or anything else not worth thinking about!

My point is, is technology actually worth the pros or do the cons out-weigh the advantages?

My brothers story doesn't particularly end in too much sadness, the phone company (Orange) were very helpful, they didnt charge him for the minutes used, they replaced his phone free of charge (when he got it back, it had been stood on and smashed up) and gave him a new sim card (as the thief kept the sim) with his original number and cancelled the existing sim in which was still being used to make phone calls abroad.
My family and I were very appreciative for all the help the company gave us.

Next, I bought a fantastic phone, the SPV M3100, years ago. This phone became my best friend. I bought it on pay as you go, so yes the price was extortionate but I was in love! Thing is that 4 months down the line, the screen started to go white, the problem got worse and worse until I couldn't actually see anything any more. I was informed that the 'ribbon' had broke, the problem was that the phone was so rare at the time that it would have been cheaper to buy a new one that repair it.
Next, again, cameras! I broke 4 in a year! I was out in town for halloween and dropped my camera, the vision went blurry, my insurance didn't cover it. Then the next one, this was stood on my one of my ex-friends at a house gathering, the screen cracked, this wasn't covered by my insurance. So, I had a big gig coming up so I borrowed my sisters camera, following the gig, we has a house party, I fell down the stairs, the screen cracked. Then, it was mothers day, I had just bought myself a new camera, I opened my bag and again the screen cracked. I was fuming. AGAIN, the insurance didn't cover the fault.

I have now bought myself a new camera and I swear this is the last.
Each time a camera broke I got more angry, they aren't cheap to buy. And I cannot live without one. I take one everywhere and take photos of everything.... WHICH ARE ALL NOW NONE EXISTENT BECAUSE OF MY HARD-DRIVE!!!!!!!!!! (I must have lost over 15,000 photos... yes! Gutted!)

So now, my trust in technology is gone, gone, gone.
My most recent phone just broke so I am using a Razr until I get a new phone, this phone has crap (excuse my French) battery life and I pay for internet on my contract and currently cannot use it.
The only thing I probably trust is my MP4 because this has never broke and it is actually pretty cool, plays aloud etc, but it an absolute BITCH to convert music and films into the format for this 'creative zen mozaic', so it is actually not worth adding new music, therefore I am behind in my music modernity.

I am very sorry about the rant, but I just had to explain and get off my chest, the utter falseness having trust in technology is!
I am a paper and pen girl, and this will never change.

Love K

P.S. I'd like to hear any of your opinions, experiences or disagreements.