Did you know?

Since Britain became part of the EU they are no longer allowed to use the bunny logo to show products are cruelty free?

What a complete scam so that countries can ship over their cheap, nasty, tested on animals CRAP without us even noticing. - Just saying.

I found this out only by the lovely lady on the No.7 counter at Boots informed me. I completely had no idea as usually the products I use do state they are cruelty free, and Urban Decay for one always has the bunny logo. It did not occur to me that those companies were from America - silly me!!

I think it’s something over looked really. We are so used to seeking out the same symbol and now companies are really loosing business because people like myself are passing up on buying with the idea that the companies test on animals.

I was quite mortified to find out when I got home that the Front Cover palette I was enquiring about (That by the way, was possibly the most amazing thing I have ever laid eyes upon!!) was not tested on animals, but the box couldn’t state that. I’m one of these people that when I want something, I want it now. So to walk away and realise I could have got it, is hard.

I was slightly disappointed by the staff that did not have the information to hand. I think that stores should really be clued up because they will be loosing money and to some people like me, weather a make up company has ethical values does matter and it will effect my decision on if I purchase it or not. Although, I will let boots off seeing as they were really nice to me =]!!

On that note I have a big investigation to do on the body shop. The lady at No.7 told me a little secret about their so-called cruelty free products. More to come soon!!

Love J.