Tribal Trend

Missoni has done it.
Richard Nicoll has done it.
Etro has done it.
A beautiful catwalk trend; wrapping bracelets round your upper arms.
Perfect for summer; the festivals, the BBQs, the hot, hot parties.
Well, I, for one, am a big fan of this trend. Normally, I would be frightened of getting my arms out, (I'm a cardigan/ blazer/ bolero/ anything-that-covers-my-arms girl) but by putting a lovely, well-on-trend bracelet above the elbow, I feel like my 'showing-of-the-arms-fear' is solved. And, I felt completely unique and marvelously fashionable.
Few celebrities such as Nicole Richie have worn their arm bands proudly.

Get on trend before everyone else.
Use any bracelet, ribbons, wires you have and accessorize yourself up.
Get creative and try making your own.

Best worn with a maxi dress.