My Dear Cuff.

When in Majorca, I spotted the most gorgeous cuff bracelet I had ever seen on a stall full of gems and pearls and marvelous jewellery. Before I had time to think, I had picked it up, put it on and fell in love. I asked the little Spanish lady how much it would cost, and she said 10 euros. BARGIN. But... I am quite a good barter so I offered 5 euros (a bit cheeky, I know), to my surprise, she accepted.
That very night, I wore it with a fantastic maxi dress, paired with gladiator sandels and a Prada clutch bag to a show in Magaluf (The Pirate Show, which I recommend- 50 euros for a show that left me speechless, dinner, as much wine as you can drink and champagne). I felt like a million-dollars.

So, I would tell all you little beauties to look out for that amazing cuff-purchase and pounce. They are statement pieces that you can wear through-and-through. ( I wore mine on 3 occasions over 1 week; the show, on a day trip to palma and a big-clubbing-night-out... and on all 3 occasions, it was no less than show-stopping.)