The Chanel Fake Tattoos.

I love it, I love it, I love it.
I first saw that temporary tattoos were becoming fashionable was on '', showing that fashion houses such as Rodarte and Jean Paul Gautier had included the fake tattoos on their models. Following this, I looked for other designers that had ventured in to the childish trend, and then... I found Chanel.
The most amazing, creative tattoo ideas, that allow you to feel a little 'punk-rock' whilst knowing there is no life long affect to your body.
Whilst on holiday to Majorca, I purchased a henna tattoo. It cost 9 Euros but only lasted 3 days, of course, I was running around in the ocean, sweating whilst partying too hard in Magaluf (which I recommend going on a holiday to), but, never the less, I was a little disappointed.
When I got back home, I had a little trace left of my fakey, I loved it so much I just had to prolong the design (which was a 'swirly' number on the side of my hand.)
Looking around my local shopping centre, I stumbled upon '24 Hour Eyeliner' by 'Colorsport'. I thought, if the black liquid can last 24 hours on my eye, then why not my body. So, i gave it a go.

The Sporting Colour

As soon as I purchased the product for a little over £6, I drew on top of my henna. A rich, black line smoothly covered over my pattern. I was so impressed by the appearance of it. Turns out, it does last 24 hours. And, its an easy task to draw over every morning if thats what you would like, and it is also perfect for drawing whatever you like, wherever you like.
Not forgetting the amount of times I got asked if I had got a real tattoo. It really does make you feel like a rebel... and a bit like a child again. Thank god for those fashion designers who decided body art is cool- everyone tell your parents that now, it is okay to write notes on your hands, and NO, you won't get ink poisoning.