Models With Gapped Teeth.

I do not know if it is because I had to wear a brace for 2 years, or whether my obsession with teeth is becoming more powerful, but I have noticed a few gap-toothed models appear on my television and in my ELLE magazine.
I can't actually understand how they would get a modelling career.
perfect body; check.
perfect face; check.
perfect hair; check.
and then...
those teeth appear and all the perfection disappears.
I am talking about Lara Stone, primarily. Okay, she is drop-dead-gorgeous, but in that Versace, 'Versus' fragrance advert, all i see is that mouth open and those teeth, ugly as anything.
My next gap toothed model is of course that one off the 'Rimmel London' advert- of course you know the one; her name is Georgia May Jagger. She has even had a facebook group made about her teeth. "Get the london your alright sort your teeth out." ... this group currently has 221,449 fans. Is my point proven?
Alright, I do feel like I am attacking 2 extremely beautiful women, but don't you think that with the money they get, they could put a little aside for a brace or vineers... that would be the first thing I would do.

Following this, I shall always be consistent with my retainer so that my teeth will be perfect forever.