The Perfume Test.

I have chosen 3 different current perfumes to find my favourite scent for spring/summer.
1) 'essence' by Narciso Rodriguez
2) 'pure' by DKNY
3) 'daisy' by Marc Jacobs (I know there is 'Lola', but the appearance of 'daisy' grabbed me more.)

Day One: Today I wore 'essence'. With the first spray, I thought the scent was overpowering, but I gave it a chance and a second spray... this time it was sweet, quite light and sophistocated. I quite enjoyed the way I smelled, I felt confident although I got only one comment made.
I asked a close friend their thought on 'essence', they said "Very nice, I like it alot. It is a fresh, different scent to anything I have ever used before." She awarded the perfume a 9/10.
Overall, I give the fragrance a 8/10

Day two: Today I wore 'pure'. First thought, WOW. The fragrance was so easy to take, it was playful and simple. Throughout the day, I got no comments on my scent, I think this was because the spray is so light, a perfect perfume for women who like understated, feel good glamour.
Again I asked my friend her thoughts, she said, "The scent grows on you, to begin with it didn't influence me as it was too subtle but is useful for everyday tasks." She awarded it a 6/10.
Overall, I gave the perfume a 7/10

Day three: Today I wore 'daisy'. My initial impression was exciting. The scent gave my nose a wake up call for the day, refreshing and pretty. As soon as I hit society, a male figure commented on 'how lovely' I smelled. All day I felt beautiful. The perfume was not too strong, not too weak; just perfect.
I asked my close friend her thoughts once more, she said, "Nice, refreshing, sweet. Lovely name and beautiful bottle- great presentation." She awarded the fragrance a 8/10
Overall, I gave the scent a 9/10

Marc Jacobs 'daisy' can be purchased from your local Debenhams store for:
50ml eau de toilette - £43.00
100ml eau de toilette - £52.99

Following this perfume test, I loved 'daisy' so much, I bought the body lotion. I applied a thin layer after every shower, it added an overall scent that lasted all the time when combined with the perfume.
150ml body lotion - £22.00

Next on my list;
150ml shower gel - £20.00

And, one day...
20ml refilable purse spray - £27.50