Micro Clutch

The next micro-mini-fashion is the super small bags. Designers such as D&G, Hermes and Luella have all tagged on and created a bag that is too small to have a point.
I definitely think that some of the bags had potential so I bought myself one or two... or three, to test the trend.
1) The heart shape from accessorize, which cost about £20. (Which acted as a cheaper alternative to the Luella clutch shown above)
2) The silver and black, air balloon style from river island, which cost about £7 in the sale.
3) A black, feathered bag from a bridal store, costing £17.
4) Finally, my close friend used and reviewed a small, purple clutch from Barratts costing about £15.

My Heart

For a best friends birthday night out, a few of us girls hit a local town for a meal and drinks. I decided that the heart shaped bag from accessorize would match perfectly with the scarlet, velvet, super-short dress, I bought especially for the occasion. In the bag I managed to squeeze in my phone, bank card, lipstick and money. But, there was no room for my camera (of course the evening HAD to be documented) or my eye make-up.
Never the less, the long-chained, copper strap worked nicely so I had plenty of room in my hands for drinks... and more drinks. One problem with the bag was that I had to keep checking that it had not opened, because I had to cram in my necessities, the bag didn't seem too safe.
Although, my little heart shone through and lasted the night, with quite a few compliments.
I awarded the bag a 7/10.

My Air
I had a casino night coming up. It was a charity event, with auction- so I was very excited. My outfit was a very elegant, to-the-floor, glammed-up maxi dress, in grey and black. I had the perfect bag; the air-balloon clutch. This time, it fit my phone, money/bank card, necessary make-up and camera; RESULT!
The night was going great, plenty of wine (I'm not an alcoholic, I swear!) and money spent on a good cause. But, the clasp on the bag grew weaker by the hour, and eventually, by the end of the night, it had broke. I struggled to hold it all together until I reached my ride home.
Shame, it was so lovely- perfect for a one time use (at least I got it in the sale, right?)
I awarded the bag a 6/10

My Night
I'm looking back now, to my prom night. I bought a beautiful black, feathered bag that matched my lace gloved, self-made fascinator, super high heels (admittedly bought from a pole dancing shop) and £160, to-the-floor, black dress from Monsoon. The bag worked wonders, with all the things I could need for the best night of a girls life. But, in the limo ride to the event, my friends and I messed around, sipping champagne and taking plenty of photos. I left my bag on the side seat and when I came back to it, the contents had spilled out and I lost my favorite mascara down the back seat. BIG shame!
Never the less, the bag did me proud for the rest of the evening- only let down is that it didn't come with a longer strap, so was attached to my wrist 100% of the time.
I give this bag a 8/10

Her Take

It was a work night out; dinner and a club. I had to make a casual dress look smart, whilst making a big impression on my colleagues (some very fine males I tell you.) I wore a classy, summer H&M dress combined with teal sky-scrapers with a matching elasticised waist belt. The bag went wonderfully with the purple, mint and peach detailed birds on the dress. The HUGE jewel compensated for accessories and allowed me to avoid breaking-the-bank finding suitable jewellery.
The bag fitted my phone (ready for those males numbers), house keys (mind you, there are a lot of keys on there), make-up (what was needed) and money (not that I had to spend any).
The bag lasted, the hard-case protected my contents and the metal strap came in nicely when dancing-the-night-away.
Overall I award the bag a 9/10.
-By Jessy M.

In conclusion, if you don't take a lot of stuff out with you, then these bags are a perfect accessory.