The Perfect Pout

Let's be fair, every girl wants the perfect pout, don't they? We've all tried every trick in the book; from buffing with a toothbrush, Soap & Glory's Mother Pucker lip gloss, right down to over drawing our lip line thinking we're Kylie Jenner (that's obviously how she got her pout - said no-one ever). If we can't make them appear fuller, we at least want them to look and feel soft right?

Since the dawn of time, girls lips have been described as being soft, full and kissable (oohhhyeaaahhh) and this is something we ALL want. The best way to achieve this is lip balm. Lip balm is the key. We here at GKlifestyle have an unhealthy obsession with lip balm and we blame Karen for that. I think last time I checked she went through 3 in a month? So when we came across #LipGlam, we were definitely onboard for giving it a go.

#LipGlam claims to last up to 8 hours, and honestly, I can't say it lasted that long on my lips BUT it did last a substantial amount longer than most I've used. It also gave them a super nice shine which made them look a lot fuller. #LipGlam also claims to be multi-purpose, saying you can use it on dry skin, split ends, eyebrows, eyelashes, cuticles and rashes, and whilst I'm not usually a fan of multi purpose things (I don't understand how one product can do different things), I am a fan of this! It really feels like its nourishing your lips and whilst it doesn't claim to make them look fuller, I find it does anyway - WIN! One of the other benefits of this is a little really does go a long way! You don't need to slather it all over, just a tiny bit and it'll restore your lips and hydrate them fully.

Check it out here.