Magnitone Lucid x Pixie Lott

So every night we clean our face from the makeup and grime thats accumulated over the day, right? Or at least we try to. But my face still breaks out ALL the time, and I find myself constantly sat wondering 'dude, I'm not a teenager anymore, why is this happening?' But really it's because my £1.50 face wipes from Boots just don't cut it. I'm pretty sure 80% of the population are lying when they say they cleanse, tone and moisturise every night, because lets face it, WHO CAN ACTUALLY BE BOTHERED? When my bed time rolls round and my eyes are feeling heavy, the last thing I can be bothered doing is that, let alone brushing my teeth, flossing and rinsing. I can safely say, the only time my skin gets a good old fashioned deep clean is in the shower when I use an exfoliating face wash, but it just isn't enough and that's the sad truth.

I recently stumbled across this Magnitone Lucid daily facial cleansing and exfoliation brush. AND IT DOES ALL THE WORK FOR YOU. No joke. You switch it on and the brush rotates and gently buffs your skin clean. It has two settings, one for daily cleanse and one for sensitive cleanse. You can tell the difference as the light is on for daily cleanse and off for sensitive. It has a timer of 20 seconds so you know how long to spend on each area (i.e forehead, chin etc) and turns off automatically after one minute. It's also fully waterproof so get it up and running in the bath or shower too!

When we received our Magnitone Lucid cleansing brushes, we noticed that we got the super cool pink Pixie Lott version. Love a good celebrity backing from time to time! It also comes with a 7 day promise which we also like! I did worry though because when reading the instructions, it did warn that for the first few days your skin is likely to get worse as it is uprooting all those nasty impurities that are lying there. GREAAAAAAT. However, I didn't really see anything get worse during my first few days. By the end of the 7 days, my skin is significantly clearer and my skin tone seems to have evened out a bit. I'm still having the occasional breakout (soz guys) in areas I'm not usually affected by (my problem area is normally my chin, ew) but I guess it should be expected as like I said earlier, it's bringing all the badness up to the surface, but it'll go in time and at least I know it's going rather than lying dormant right?

Overall, I can definitely see a significant difference, and it's so easy to use at night and in the shower.  I've even mastered the art or brushing my teeth with one hand and using this with my other - two birds, one stone and all that. My skin is like 95% clearer and it's getting better day by day. I've even lost some puffiness around my eyes! My main problem area is totally clear and I feel like my skin can breathe. HALLELUJAH.

Check it out here.