Roots & Rituals

So I'm sure you're all very aware that we here at GKlifestyle really appreciate natural products and recently, we received a very special gift from awesome hair care brand Roots & Rituals. We all know we're not shy to hair dye so it's safe to say we need the deepest nourishment we can get. Karishma, the brands director, very kindly gave us the nourishing conditioner alongside the Deep Conditioning Hair Oil to try. The best part is, both are natural products free of silicone, paraben and all the other 200 chemicals nobody can pronounce! The hair oil specifically contains coconut oil (LOVE), olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil and many many more great natural oils to help hydrate and nourish your hair. Karishma also very kindly gave us, wait for it, A HEATED HAIR TOWEL which is basically the be all and end all of good deep conditioning treatments. So we tried the product twice in one week to see what happened.

I've dyed my hair time and time again and it really began to show. I had the dead ends cut off recently which has really helped, but like most dyed hair, it was still dry and damaged. I ran a fair sized amount of oil through my hair from roots to end, then wrapped the towel around as shown in the instructions. It says to leave on for 30-40 minutes but as I have quite thick and damaged hair, I left it on for an hour. I then washed out with my usual shampoo and the Roots & Rituals conditioner. For one week, I opted against using heat on my hair other than the heated towel, so I avoided my hair dryer and straighteners (absolute NIGHTMARE). I continued washing my hair throughout the week with my usual shampoo and the Roots & Rituals conditioner, however I stayed clear of my usual styling products. (Just note, I don't wash my hair every day as it really doesn't need it and can be quite damaging). I thought this would give my hair the best chance of repair alongside the products I was trialling. The end of the week came and I thought I'd use the product again to really nourish it, so I repeated the entire process.

WOW. WOW. WOW. Just wow. I dried it with my hair dryer (after a week of not) and usually one side of my hair goes really wavy and quite frizzy (not nice waves though, boo!). But this time, I brushed my hair whilst drying it to help it dry as straight as possible and that was it basically done! I did have to do a quick 5 min run over with the straighteners but nothing like my standard procedure of sectioning it and it taking about 40 minutes. My hair felt so soft, sleek and genuinely super hydrated. It looked glossy and shiny (even the dead ends!) and SO many people asked if I'd been to the salon! I LOVE this product and will definitely continue using!

You can get your hands on some of this goodness by clicking here.