The Royal Ascot: Georgia

So as you guys are already aware, Karen and I headed over to the Royal Ascot on Saturday and lapped up the premier admission lifestyle. We got there fashionably late - which is expected seeings as our time keeping skills absolutely suck, but it was fun nonetheless. We placed a few bets on some horses that weren't even racing at Ascot, drank some coffee and took a few pics which you can see below. 

I had a nightmare deciding what to wear and thought against ankle grazer trousers as dress code rules apply. So in the end I opted for a black silk cami from Zara, a midi skirt courtesy of Karen, pumps from H&M, a fur gilet from John Rocha and a Windsmoor coat. 

I actually bought my fur headband from the Ascot Christmas market, as well as some super cute fur trimmed red gloves.