Madame La La: Fake Tan

Orange palms and streaky legs can only mean one thing; fake tan. Most of us girls love our golden skin colour fresh from a bottle occasionally, and I'll tell you this, I'm in love with Madame La La's self tan mousse - and I've not even used it yet. 

The idea behind Madame La La's came from LA and the sun kissed skin everyone seems to boast in the famous West Coast city. It aims to give a light bronzed coverage instantaneously as well as moisturise with added coco water and aloe. Not only is the packaging super chic (I'm a big fan of monochrome and the gold foil sets it off) but it actually smells nice too! Karen and I have been known to compare the smell of most fake tans to that of burnt digestive biscuits, so to smell coconuts makes a nice change.

I'll get some on soon and let you guys know what I think of it.

You can buy Madame La La Tan here