Charcoal Spa

If you know Karen and I, then you'll know that we LOVE bath/body products. We have countless amounts of Boots advantage card points from this weird obsession, not to mention the vast array of products from Soap and Glory and Sanctuary. 

We stumbled upon Charcoal Spa at the Bloggers Love Hub and we fell in love instantly. The four products we saw and I believe the brand currently stock are their detoxifying face mask, salt scrub, natural candle and soap bar, all made from natural charcoal. We got gifted by the lovely founder and I can't express to you how much I adore the salt scrub and face mask. The salt scrub has natural salt pieces in it of all different sizes, and really feels like its getting deep in your pores. Whereas the face mask reminds me of clay but has a slightly spongey texture, and they both smell naturally beautiful. 

You can check out the Charcoal Spa here