Acne Studios, S/S13 RTW

The Scandinavian fashion label who started off making unisex jeans, have shown us just how far they have come with their Spring/ Summer '13 collection, inspired by Emmylou Harris' cover of 'Wrecking Ball'. The opening look stormed the catwalk with the word 'MUSIC' printed across a simple cotton sleeveless T-shirt, combined with a light grey and lilac parachute skirt. 
Jonny Johansson, creative director of Acne, described the look as "romantic", which is true when considering the typical look of an Acne-wearing female compared to the washed silks, crushed linens and light hues of pink and purple of this collection. 
The harder look begins to emerge when the leather, buckled trousers and engineer stripes are introduced to the collection, but is quickly retaliated when following, came white, white and more white, returning to romanticism. 
The grass green waistcoat and matching cigarette trouser introduced the jockey uniform aspect of Johansson's inspiration: think high-fashion Epsom Downs. From this look onward, Johansson maintained the edgy music inspired look the collection began with, and mixed it with a hybrid of a jockey's uniform and a classy Ladies Day ensemble, even adding a hint of cowgirl. The collection ended on a high with a cherry red checkered top and two midnight blue linen parachute skirts.