Shrek the Musical and Dinner at Ask

When I found tickets to see Shrek: The Musical for £30 in the stalls, I thought, ‘I must be dreaming!’ I snapped the chance up and purchased two for my sister and I, since we had heard so many amazing reviews- especially surrounding the newly added Kimberly Walsh.
On the day of the show, we walked around convent gardens, had a runes reading and bought some lovely things from the market, which already made the day so nice.
We decided to get to the show pretty early and buy some snacks: I think I forgot I was 18 years old when I bought a mixed flavour slushy, some gummy sweets and some hand cooked crisps, my sister opted for the adult choice and had a nice Malibu and lemonade, also with some crisps.
We sat eagerly waiting for the beginning of the play… and from start to end; I could not move my eyes from the stage. The character Lord Farquar was the ultimate for me; he made me cry with laughter.
The show revisited some of our favourite scenes from the indescribably good film but also added a few new numbers in to the mix for a fresh new take. I cannot describe to you Bon Bons just how amaazzziinngggg the costumes were, from the gingerbread man, to Shrek himself, Donkey (who was super funny) to the fairy tale people.
I would not hesitate to watch this play again, nor would I avoid recommending it to ANYBODY- children, adults, teenagers, couples… anybody.

After a long day of shopping and seeing Shrek, we decided to go out for dinner somewhere local to my area, Epsom. And having been to most of the restaurants already, I noticed Ask- such an obvious choice but I have actually never been before!
The averagely priced menu got my taste buds all excited for a feast, everything just sounded so yummy! But, I have a crazy obsession with spaghetti in a creamy sauce with mushrooms so I knew I would be getting something along the lines of this… The option on the menu that best resembled my desire was only served with pasta shapes (I do not know why but I can only eat spaghetti) so I asked the waitress kindly to switch it, they did.
My sister opted for the vegetarian burger because it was mushroom and haloumi, but wanted a chicken breast on as well (I know, how fussy do we want to be?) again the waitress- who probably thought we were crazy by then- obliged.
However, I really fancied a milkshake but they were all out apparently, ah well. My sister got a large glass of some posh named wine, of course.

When the meals came, the portions were unreal, so big! But hella, I was hungry!
Obviously pudding was in order, my sister and I both chose a coffee and a slice of cake…. Until the waitress told us they were all out of three different types of pudding- sadly, or thankfully, I did not want any of the others, so decided to leave the sweet for another time.
Other than the lack of stock (pudding and drinks) I really enjoyed the meal, it was so yummy yummy yummy.

Have you seen any good shows or had a nice meal anywhere recently?