Christmas Shopping

Oh my, 10 days to Christmas and I still haven't started Christmas shopping.Bad friend/ daughter/ sister.
I actually think that shopping for others is one of the funnest things in the world, it makes me feel so good.

Between my two best uni friends and I, this is what we are exchanging:

This amazing all saints necklace is what I have asked for, its £65 and I have really wanted it since September.. god know why I haven't got it already.

Burgandy Creepers for the red head. They are a bit out of her comfort zone but we have decided they will look great with anything really. they are £75

And these yummmmyyyyyyyyyyyy legginns for Mimi, the brunette. They are from House of Dereon and are £70.

This is going to be super fun :)

What do you all want for christmas from your girlfriends?