Urban Decay BOS 4 sneak peak.

Urban Decay BOS 4? Surely you mean the 15th anniversary? - Nope! (Although I'm half way through a review for that palette!)

This image was released on the Urban Decay official facebook page and just in time for me to write up some secrets a certain source told me as I bought my 15th anniversary palette.

This BOS is a Debenham's exclusive, just like the NYC palette and will be released in September. It comes with the standard 16 eyeshadows and primer, however instead of the 24/7 pencil eyeliner this palette comes with their gorgeous new liquid eyeliner. Also the palette includes a travel size mascara. It's not been disclosed what lurks in that purple box above the cable and primer. Some have suggested that it's the double barrel sharpener, but what would we need that for when there is no pencil?

See that cable right there? That's a hook up for your smart phone so you can watch make up tutorials as you use the palette! How cool is that!?

The palette has gone up in price since the last BOS, but what can you expect when it's jammed full of that many goodies! The Urban Decay BOS 4 will retail at around £50.

As a massive UD junkie and a collector of the BOS, I can't quite contain my excitement. So now I've spilled the beans - you spill yours, what do you think bon bons?

Love J.