It's that time of year again!


Yes, it's time for the cosmopolitan blog awards!

I always find it a bit tricky when asking people to vote for BVC because we aren't strictly a fashion or Beauty blog - we're a big ol' mix!

However we are over 18 months old!
So if you're going to put us into fashion or beauty make sure you choose the established blog category!

I would be super cheeky and ask for you to vote us into both fashion and beauty but the fact that you're reading this post is enough recognition for us to be honest! We just fancy our chances this year ;D!

BVC has actually become bigger than K and I could ever imagine. We originally started just to practice our writing since we want to go into journalism. A year on and a heck of a lot of bon bons later and we're still going!

You can vote for us here!

Please do let us know if you vote for us!

Love J.