Blast From the Past: 90's

Oh boy do I miss the 90's, Sex and the City episodes, ace cartoons, the fashion, the movies, the supermodels.

I know this is old-ish, but I really loved this catwalk.
Heres House of Hollandsspring summer 2011 fashion: 90's-esque

This outfit is pretty awesome, the fringe, the pvc jacket in a metalic shade: I would so wear this!

What I would do for this outfit! Expecially the skirt.

The pom pom earrings remind me of the film 'Thirteen' which is one of my absolute favourites!

This just screams 90s fashion disaster: styled well and brought up to date, this is the perfect look.

YUM! This is spice girls original tour.

I have a dirty obsession with 90's videos at the minute.
I love the fashion, the blurry screen, the off tune music... its awesome.

Michelle and Romy actually have the best outfits, I am so happy they end up with their own store! This would be somewhere I would definatly shop!

I know it was ages ago but Im still gutted they stopped videos, I love them... have hundreds-literally!
But I still have a video player and you can still buy videos for like 10p from charity shops so I can still watch them- plus it makes me feel all retro..

Whats your favourite video?