It's all in the name - When do beauty products take it too far?

You may have noticed the sudden trend in cheeky names for make up. Urban Decay for one has always been a little on the deviant side with shade names including 'Homegrown' 'Strip' and 'S&M'. Brands such as Illamasqua that pride themselves in pushing boundaries and not following the crowd have also some questionable names including 'Trollop' and 'Moan'.

Across the board there are more and more rude names cropping up and I can't quite make my mind up if they're comical or just tacky. The idea of caking myself in Nars' 'Orgasm' or 'Deepthroat' actually puts me off. I mean can you actually imagine say your mum complementing your make up and asking what you're wearing and you have to tell them a name like that!?

I get it. I do. It's supposed to be scandalous and cool. But doesn't it ruin it when everyone else is doing it?

I might not be all for the standard 'make up is so feminine', because I'm not one to believe in gender domains, but when did it have to be so raunchy? I probably sound a little conservative but I'm quite sick of everything becoming so sexualised - it was bad enough with the M&S food adverts!

What do you think bon bons?

Love J.