Why Clothing Is an Important Reflection of Your Lifestyle

Fashion is one of the most commonly valid forms of self-expression. In most societies, you can choose to dress in any colours, styles, and tastes that suit your lifestyle and personality. The clothing decisions you make each day are representative of your lifestyle, personal tastes, beliefs, views and opinions.

Business men and women love wearing power suits. Business professionals earn respect, exude confidence and appear trustworthy and dependable when they wear a suit. Even those that do not work in a high-profile job or office setting can turn heads, or portray authority when wearing a power suit or elements of a suit. A tailored suit jacket can look just as professional when paired over a dress or a nice pair of trousers.

Music lovers, fashion risk takers, and retro personalities can often be seen wearing band and graphic t-shirts; often from the vintage to even the more obscure. With this style, it is all about expressing your personality in an effortlessly cool manner. There isn’t too much emphasis on being clean cut and often involves relaxed lines. It’s all about the “Hey, you like that band too!” moment.

Classy and preppy individuals love wearing timeless pieces that transcend the test of time. Classic cut jeans, wool or cotton cardigans, tall shaft boots, and classic button-up shirts are staples in the wardrobes of classy individuals. They often invest in items of superior quality and carry the latest designer handbags, wallets, and accessories. They choose pieces based on longevity and staying power and rarely try new trends. The strength of this style is the simple complexities, which have stood the test of time.

Those that gravitate to vintage pieces, retro accessories, and playful items are generally considered alternative in personality. With vintage, it’s all about homage and customising to make something unique. Re-appropriating the old for the new. Vintage shopping was once something that could be quite difficult, but it is now so popular, you are more than likely to find a vintage section in most high street fashion stores and websites.
Ravers and Goths are often seen by many as a non-fashion. That they are people who just tend to either wear neon colours or all black, depending upon their personality characteristics; often enjoying either fast-paced or heavy metal music. This is quite the stereotype and there is certainly Goth Chic. In fact, dark colours and make-up are making a strong resurgence and can often be seen combined with elements of rock and vintage styles.

Those that enjoy urban and rap music often wear the latest and freshest pieces. Their look is always pulled together, precise, polished, and never scuffed or dirty. This style is all about the commodity, showing off the things you can have, often for no other reason than you can. Designer and Price are musts, yet some items are understated – often still t-shirts and jeans.

Style defines most of us, in some way. The way we dress tends to dictate our mood and gives a little bit of insight into our personalities and the types of lifestyles we lead. It would be naïve to not think many things in our world are based on your image and using your image to express yourself (even with just a t-shirt) has been shown to influence other aspects of your life.