Katy Perry Last Friday Night tutorial.

I laughed so bad I cried at this video! I love Katy Perry, she just gets better and better. I've searched all over the net to find out who was responsible for this amazing creation on her eyes but no luck! As you can see the colours are bright but still pastle. Also the blue is very glittery .

For this look I used;
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Painkiller, Grifter and OilSlick,
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Flipside and Zero,
Barry M fine Glitter dust in Green irradensent,
Urban Decay Primer potion in Eden,
Stargazer glitter eye dust in 106.

I used my primer base firstof course. As per usual you don't need a lot when it come to the Urban Decay primers. I took a flat shadow brush and applied Painkiller to my lid, not all the way up though, make sure you're under the crease.
On top of this I lightly dabbed the BarryM fine glitter. This is a white based powder so only lightly dab it on so we don't wash out the pop of Painkiller.
Over the crease I used Girfter with my flat shadow brush over my crease. In the middle of my Grifter stripe, I very lightly blended a little Stargazer 106 with a fluffy blender brush. Try not to make it too dark though because the look is very pastel.
Under my water line I used flipside heavily. I blended this out with a little Painkiller using a sharp angle brush. On my water line I used Zero.
I usually use Liquid eyeliner on my upper lash line but my eyeliner seems to have vanished into thin air so I used Zero again. To intensify the plack I added a little OilSlick over the top.

I even did my nails based on her outfit for the party haha!!

I'm so chuffed at how well this went. I thought it would look a lot worse!!
One thing I do this is that I wish I had the guts to do Youtube videos. I've tried and tried but I hate the way my voice sounds and my general presents on camera. I think the Youtube community would troll me to death! Any of you Bon bons with Youtube care to share a few tips?

Love J.