The dangers of wearing leggings - girls protect your dignity!

Back to college this week! I always feel everyone looks so refreshed after a week off. Some new hair cuts, new clothes, new motivation - same mistakes!

I'm talking leggings ladies! Not that I don't like leggings, I love them. What I don't like however is people flashing their knickers in public! Yes, don't act innocent because it could be you I'm ranting about! Here bon bons, are some simple rules to go from fashion disaster to dignified chic!

- Unless you have a bum as good as goddess Kardashian, cover it up! Leggings can make the best of us look bad and lets be honest, elastic material stretching round your backside is never going to be a good look. The fact is leggings can turn a peach into a watermelon!

- Patterns are ok! Play around instead of sticking to safe black all the time. Pattern on leggings can often create optical illusions to make your legs look slimmer. Besides experimenting with fashion adds fun!

- Most importantly if you insist on not covering your bottom, check the opacity of you leggings! Showing your curves and showing off your neon thongs are 2 completely different circumstances! Please for the love of god think about the people walking behind you on stairs. Those leggings may have seemed dark when you put them on in the morning, but in natural daylight and when stretched, your lady secrets are revealed to the world!

- Know the difference between tights and leggings. I can't believe I have to say this either, but I've seen this. If you think point 3 is bad, try mixing point 3 with this dilemma. Yes, it happened!

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one witnessing these crimes against the female body am I!?

Love J.