3 new Urban Decay palettes!

By the time I post this, probably everyone and their dog will have heard the news! However, for those of you who haven't heard, there are going to be 3 new Urban Decay palettes!!

As you guys will know I am a massive UD fan so obviously I am going mad for this! The palettes will feature 6 eyeshadows, no exclusives or new shades confirmed, and a 24/7 eyeliner pencil. I'm guessing you will get a bottle of Primer potion with this too, like with the Black palette. They will also probably be around the £25-£27 mark, just like the other palettes of this size.

I have my eye on 'Feminine'. Although I already have 'Ecstacy' and 'Midnight cowboy' I just cannot resist it! The packaging is just gorgeous, trust Urban Decay to produce the most aesthetically pleasing palettes. Besides I always love to have different selections to travel with me.

This is the 'Fun' palette. This was actually the first of the collection I saw and I thought it was a fake at first. The packaging outside packaging didn't really seem like an Urban Decay product, however opening up this palette, you're charmed by the skull print and strawberry lining which really reflects this palettes 'fun' side.

You can't actually see this palette in as much detail as the feminine palette, which adds to the mystery and desirability of this palette. On this palette you also cannot see what shade of 24/7 eyeliner you get with the palette. I'm hoping it's something really bright to go with the 'fun' theme, because I must have around 20 zero UD eyeliners!!

This palette is 'Dangerous'. This foil snake is also depicted on the new blushers from the SS range. I quite like this one, especially the paisley patterns and snakes on the inside. The bottom 3 shades that you can see in the mirror look similar to 3 from the black palette. I am hoping this isn't the case. What is interesting about this shot is the shade names. I am barely able to read them which prompts the question, are these new shades? I do feel they all look like shades I have, for example the blue resembles painkiller. However I will have to do some more digging to confirm this!

Gosh, I really think all 3 have stolen my heart. The only thing 'dangerous' about these palettes is the damage all 3 will do to my bank account! What do you think Bon bons, which do you prefer?

Oh and also, I really would love to reference you guys to who ever took these photos but they are literally on tones of blogs so I have no idea who the original is!

Love J.