Topshop Spring/Summer 2011

Now I must first say that I'm not easily impressed by Topshop these days. In highschool it was my go to shop for, well, everything really! I think the few years that have gone by however the prices have risen and the quality has driven down, rapidly. I feel everything is so flimsy, fragile and in some cases I'd go as far to say 'poorly made'.

Yes it does great at interpreting new looks and cat walk trends but I'm not quite sure if I'd think, 'Wow that girl has style!' if I saw someone walking along the street in these looks or 'Did she just take a tumble in a charity shop?'

I was actually worried about how to put this because everyone seems to be raving about this! I was thinking we do make up and fashion so should I just praise the collection like everyone else. Well no! You bonbons will know by now how I hate conformity and you know what? Everyone has an opinion. Blogging is NOT to re-read the same crap over and over it's to see different interpretations, culture, ideas. So here is my perception - this collection is awful, in my opinion of course! Tell me what you think?

Would any of you Bon bons out there wear any of these pieces?

Love J.