Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2011

On an individual basis, this collection could appear to be rather simplistic and unoriginal, yet in comparison to all the other design houses showing in New York Fashion Week, Calvin Klein is actually one of the most innovative lines.
It seems that every design house is in competition to create the biggest statement, thus leaving open ground for a minimalist interpretation of fashion.
It could be argued that Fransisco Costa has only the interest in making minimalist clothes, but yet, why argue? He does it so well!
Jump suits, bias cuts and to the ankle trouser suits, enveloped the models, in which Costa experimented with proportion, using layers and long-lines.
Speaking of the models, the famously American sportswear design house, Calvin Klein, kept up appearances with an insane line up, including Lara Stone and Jac.
Costa has taken his inspiration, from what it appears as a collection on a whole, from architecture and has managed to transform his key dress design, into every length, shape and structure.
The fabric used, has contrasted the hard shape, into a feminine and seductive, yet powerful garments. This showed a new urban edge to Kleins design aesthetic, but still managed to stay true to their sportswear fame.
As the models walked down the runway, what should be noted is the variation in shades of lipstick, corresponding to the perpetual and popular ‘bed-head’ hairstyle.
Costa has planned how the ensemble would materialize in front of a strictly important audience.
The values in each singular piece could prove affective to a commercial audience, as the outfits appear ready-to-wear, fitting needs of any age range; a twenty-year-old student, to a high flying professional woman.
The palette of white, cream, sand and seriously subtle blues was attacked by the short coral, A-line dress acting as the salient point for the whole collection. The iconic shift cut stands out, becoming the obvious statement piece. However, this piece seems incoherent with the cut and colour of the other pieces.
The flash of pleating adds texture; along with the super shined silk adding yet another dimension to a collection that initially seems insipid and monotonous.
After analyzing the trims, the tones and the textures of each piece individually, the collection presents itself as being complex and understated.
Love K