Nicki Minaj goes tribal for V magazine.

Nicki Minaj aka ghetto Barbie, 'the black Lady Gaga' or as I like to call her - the marmite of 2011. Yes that's right, you're either going to love her or hate her! Quite frankly - she is my new lady crush!

Known for her outrageous styling (Multi-colour hair, skin tight suits, bright make up) Nicki sure has heads turning. You may have come across her if you're a Mac junkie, 'Pink Friday' is Nicki's signature shade and was only available for 4 consecutive Fridays online as a limited edition to help the promotion of her album 'Pink Friday'.

So on to the cover! I love this for 1 big reason - I feel this is the direction make up artist should be going in, in terms of media.

I mean come on, as if this wouldn't catch your eye. I think this make up is brilliant, experimental and no, you wouldn't pop round to the shops like this, but my god what I beautiful site it would be if people did! I think there is a big emphasis on women wearing make up 'to enhance', so much so that we are shocked when we see women in the spotlight going Au natural. Make up has lost it's fun. It's become a mask, war paint of the modern women.

Or am I just getting a little ahead of myself? What do you think bon bons? Do we love this or prefer the more toned down Nicki Minaj?

Love J.