H&Ms recent collaboration with a Fashion Blogger

After their huge success with Lanvin, H&M has made a unique collaboration with fashion blogger and stylist Elin Kling, following on from Bill Amberg who has got together with Imran Amed (www.businessoffashion.com) to create a bag for the leathergoods brand.
There is a total of 9 pieces and 2 accessories for the range, including trousers with a wide leg and leather jackets.... but it is a bit of a shame that they will only be sold in Swedish stores, where apparently Elin is a but of a celeb.
I personally think it is such an amazing idea, because us bloggers are really promotion for fashion and beauty labels, with brands even sending free products for bloggers to review and post... so it seems that in a world of technological advances, us bloggers, could possibly be the voices to listen to in terms of the fashion industry. I am so pleased that these design houses have given this oppertunity to lucky, chosen bloggers because it gives them a chance to show the blog world another side to their talents.Besides, it is not only beneficial for the blogger, the designers have clearly picked up that when popular blogs such as the business of fashion, recieve a huge amount of followers that trust their voices and therefore push sales, thus, the deisgners have decided that whilst in the design process of the bag or the collection for H&M, the blogger will post about experiences and what the design houses are like, thus, (again) pushing sales as the public can get to a personal level; the backstage of design (where really, we all want to see.)
Plus, the blog will be additional publisicity, (not to mention all the hype about the new and amazing idea itself; designer/ bloggers working together) and who knows fashion better than a blogger, they know what works and what the consumers of today like.
I guess that if these two collaborations are a success, we should expect alot more of the blogger/designer lines to appear..... HERES HOPING BON VIVANT CLIQUE WOULD BE SO LUCKY... I would LOVE to become a designer and I am sure all you guys would adore that oppertunity aswell..

Love K