Audrey kitching - Tassel Tights

I have a serious love affair with tights lately. Cabel knit, Bright opaques, embellished, you name it, I want it!

A while back I found a wonderful place for tights through a blog I follow, I would say who, but it was so long ago I have forgotten. TightsPlease is a great place for me to get my fix and I'd highly suggest you check it out!!

What is the big thing about tights though? I hear some of you asking. Well why not!? Think about the last time you bought a pair of jeans. All the hassel, the trying on, finding the right style, spending quite a bit of money. For what? I love my jeans but sometimes I end up thinking 'I feel like I wear the same thing everyday!'. Tights are a great way to jazz up any outfit day or night and for the price you can stock up on loads!

Pretty Polly has to be my favourite brand right now. You'll see them creeping into your local RiverIsland stores and noted in your go-to glossy mags. This brand is completely re-inventing your grandma's hosiery draw with fresh, innovative designs. Another line to look out for its the Henry Holland collection, stocked in River Island and UrbanOutfitters. You will probably have read K's post a while back all about this brand, if you haven't check it out!

So on to the gorgeous tights in the shoot above. I just love them, don't you? Yes they do have a touch of 'line dancing country girl' but they do it without being tacky. The tassels are pretty subtle when the subject is stood legs straight too, although I imagine when you walk they will fan out.

What do we think bon bon's are you lovestruck with Audrey's country chic tights?
Images taken from Audrey's Buzznet.

Love J.