Beyonce's Christmas

Well, I had a marvellous Christmas, watching endless streams of Gossip girl episodes, curtesy of seasons 1 to 3 box sets, whilst avoiding revision for my exams. But it seems my gifts have no comparison to Beyonces... of course!
She got a great load of goodies from the AMAZING Hermès, counted to the value of £225,000... lucky girl!
Jay-Z's last minute shopping seems to be a great thing, being in the private room in the Hermès store on New York's Madison Avenue. It isn't a surprise when Jay-Z is worth up to $450 million.
It is said that he bought quite a few Birkin handbags, which retail up to £78 THOUSAND... each!
Some of my favourite things from the magical shop Hermès are, (besides the dreamy bangles- in which is the cause of my love for the store) is the giant silt twill scarves, worth over £500 each, some amazing gold bracelets from the fine jewellery and the jumping boots made of calfskin with the infamous Kelly buckle on.
To say I am jealous of Beyonce would be a major understatement... her figure, her persona and her Christmas presents!

Love K