Urban Decay - Price hike alert and 15th anniversary box of shadows?

All bon bons across the land know by now that I am an Urban Decay addict! Whilst shopping with a few pennies sent from santa I was given the news about a price increase on all products and it's not just a matter of the VAT increase in the U.K.

In most cases it's an extra 50p here and there, in others however, it seems a little unnecessary. For example, the double barrel sharpener going up from £4 to £7. Now, I love Urban Decay but I just don't know how they can justify £7 for a sharpener! In other cases it can be justified, e.g the Naked palette going up to £32 when it returns to stores. This I can understand since it is limited and worth it!

Also I was told that certain products will be no more! The ammo palette will be discontinued during next year, so buy in advance now!

I also used the opportunity to dig a little deeper into the 15th anniversary plans. The 15th anniversary 24/7 eyeliner box sets will be hitting the u.k a little later than the U.S, looking to be in the summer season. When I asked if there would be a new box of shadows to celebrate the staff told me yes - but they haven't seen anything yet!

The U.K are also getting the Midnight junkie palette and the new highlighting creams. Later than the U.S - as per haha!!

I hope this is enough to get you all excited haha!! I know I am!
What do you bon bons think of all this?

Love J.