Buying Online.

Is this a good thing?
I thought so, until today.
I have just had payday so I thought I would nip on to amazon to buy a cheap copy of Revolutionary Road but after buying this (for a bargain of 2.76 inc. P&P- sorry I'm on a college computer and cant find the pound sign.) Thinking that this was so cheap, I might as well buy a DVD I have been trying to find for years called 'Stick It'(it must be an American film.) Then, I though, why not buy some old letters off e-bay for my art? Why not buy 3 or 4? ...
I ended up spending ALOT.
but, do I feel good about it?
Not really.

Saying that though, when my little treats come through the post, I'll be happy again.
But, my point is...

Buying online encourages laziness; it promotes spending.
I'm stuck at college, with no possible way to get to the shops, yet I can still buy a shed load of goodies.

On the other hand, I can still get hold of all the things I can't find in shops for a great price, at the click of a mouse.

What do you think?
Is it good?
Or is it bad?

Love K