Note of absence!!

I hope all you bon bons are well. I would just like to post a quick note to say firstly that I won't be posting so often this week as I have a weeks intern at the financial times [Yea I know I'm like Rebecca Bloomwood Lol!!]. I will follow up that with a post so any questions you want answering about the media and journalism get them in now so I can find you some answers!!
If you want to you can see what sort of stuff I have been working on here ''Additional reporting by Jessica Wilby'' I like my name being on there!! Hopefully by the end of the week I should have something in the weekend edition of the newspaper.

So I am super super busy but I did order the Urban Decay BOS III a few days ago, Saturday to be exact, so I will make an exception and prioritise time for you guys to do some looks, swatches and a review! I have a back log of posts piled up so when I am back I'll have lots to post!!

I'll be back soon!!
Love J.