Kidnapped and held hostage in Wales? [Superdrug face mask review!!]

Ok a last minutes trip with the boyfriend came between me and the face masks. I'll admit, bad times. Wales was amazing. It really was beautiful. I knocked going there so bad but really when we got there it was something else! If it's any consolation though, 5 am starts and days without make-up and unstraightened hair was a main part out our adventure!!

But to make up for my absents and well... because I forgot to pack the face masks I popped into a Superdrug for some of there own brand facemasks to try out. At 81p a sachet you can't really go wrong although I am still weeping at the thought of those beloved old face masks Superdrug use to do and there marvelous packaging! I picked up a few so to show you how deeply sorry I am this post will have not 1 but 2 reviews! [How exciting!] I know it would not really be a straight up review if I did 2 face masks in one day what with having the effects from one already so how did I do it I hear you ask? Well the boyfriend of course!! Although he did decline a picture whilst having the face mask on, he did offer to help me out through my awesome powers of blagging =]!!

The mask I chose was the Chocolate mud mask that to my surprise did actually make me want chocolate at the smell of it!! There was enough in the sachet for my face, infact more than enough so I was pleased. When I put the mask on my face my oppinion changed, and it wasn't because of Ryan's lovely comments about what it looked like on my face!! I felt an uncomfortable stinging sensation. Not the pleasant tingle that usually greets me from mud masks. Infact the feeling made my eyes water a little and worried me, I thought I was having some sort of allergic reaction! I was tempted to wash it off early after having thoughts about those people who have massive swelled faces after an allergic reaction to hair dye but I didn't want to fail you guys! Plus I'm not usually allergic to cosmetics! It took longer than the stated time to dry but that could of been me maybe putting the layers on too thick? After washing it off though my skin did feel very smooth, even today it still feels smoother than usual.

The mask I gave my boyfriend was a Pomegranate and cranberry peel mask. Again there was more than enough in the sachet. I applied it for him and to be honest I couldn't really smell the fruit. Although he said he could when it was on. Unlike me the sensation the mask gave was ''a good tingly feeling'' not a painful sting! Although there was one similarity, it didn't dry in the allocated time? Maybe I just put them on too thick? The results were as good as mine and when it was washed off I could actually smell it? Strange.

One rant I do have though is the packaging. In an era of environmental concern you really would have thought they could have reduced the sachet size which is wayyyy to big for the amount that is inside. Just sayin'!!

So a bit of a thumbs down for my mask since it was uncomfortable but that could have been just me? The results were good anyway. I would recommend the pomegranate and cranberry peel mask over the chocolate one to be honest!! At 81p a pack though you could really just get both to try out!

Love J.