4 things

4 Things Found In My Bag
Sketch/note book
My box of pills; para, cocod, migrane, etc..

4 Things Found In My Purse
all my cards
an old black and white photograph of a woman and her friends
an old james morrison picture < sad or what?
A little book of encouragement.

4 Favourite Things In My Room
my 2 manequinnes
my mirror with all the perfumes and makeup on it
my massive bed with vintage sheets
my 2 wardrobes and 2 drawers CRAMMED full of clothes

4 Things Ive Always Wanted To Do
feature in ELLE magazine
Go to LCF for university
open my own boutique eventually
meet and marry James Morrison

4 Things Im Currently Into
the film 'thirteen'
learning to drive; steals all my money and time
my portfolio
a change

4 Things I Bet You Didnt Know About Me
i'm actually quite shy and don't like myself very much
i don't want chuldren or to get married because i am scared of the commitment and care more about my career than finding love- my life is for me.
i hate violence, it makes me physically sick
i am constantly willing change and thinking about the past.

4 Songs I Can't Get Out Of My Head
James Morrison- Please don't stop the rain, of course
Justin Beiber and that kingston guy- eine meenie mini mo
Rihanna- te amo
and that new mark ronson song bang bang bang.... i just dont understand it!!!!!!!

I did this because I have a bit of free time and secretly love doing these quiz things, I didn't even get tagged or anything :)

Love K