Hello bon bons!!
Oh and hello big ear!!
I just thought I would give you guys a quick update since I have neglected you the past few days!! Exams, coursework deadlines… parties you know how it is ;)!
Right now I’m having a joyous time curling my super thick boff hair -_-. As you can see I have done very little and I have to be ready to meet Ryan after work in like and hour and 10 minutes, enough time? Not with Rapunzel hair like mine it’s not!!

Quick reccommendation though; Wella Silvikrin hairspray-firmhold, that’s what I’m using to fix my hair in place for tonight. I only picked it up as a cheapy in Superdrug but it’s actually surprisingly good for the price!!
Oh also, while I was out I bought a Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling gel eyeliner. The stuff sticks so good!! I had trouble getting the tester off my hand!! So swatches on the way for that!!

Anyway thats in now I best get on with my hair. Hope you’re all having a beautiful summer bon bons!!

Love J.