The new orange lipstick trend?

So to be told that your make up is orange is quite an insult where I come from. However this outrageous colour is creeping it's way from catwalk to shelves and onto our lips! There seems to be some native indian type of theme going on with accessories right now, with all feathers and wooden beads [What did I tell you?!]. So I'm guessing that's where is has stemmed from. Would you actually wear this colour though? To me runways and real life have a hard time pulling together. The runways are so curious and exciting and in real life everyone has to conform to norms and therefore trends like these make people run a mile!

Images from Limecrime.

This shade is ''My beautiful rocket'' by Limecrime. It is a really opaque shade so I would only suggest this for people who are sure about wearing orange, since it isn't very subtle it may put you off and make you feel like you've wacked a high vis jacket on your face!! Also Limecrime lipsticks has a tendency to stain so I'm sure you wouldn't like it if half way through the day you change your mind, go to rub it off and it just won't budge! I had that issue with 'Airborne Unicorn' but since then, I've learn't to love it!

Image from temptalia.

This is MAC morange. A very pigmented colour that has an 'amplified creme' finish. Again it is a really powerful shade. You'd have to be really bold to wear this shade!! Unlike the one above I really do not think this would suit many pale skinned faces, I could be wrong be to me it just looks to rich for porcelain skin.

Image from

Red you say? Well no, this this actually Barry M's Mandarin Lip Lacquer Crayon. The swatch I found was the only one I could and it doesn't really show the orange hues to well so I urge you to check it out in shops. I picked this one out because as you can see it is more of a red orange-but still orange. Anyone who feels brave enough to wear the classic red lipstick may find it easier to wear this shade as it isn't such a drastic change. I also think this colour would suit most skin tones.

So get out there and start swatching, and hey, even if the sun doesn't shine this summer atleast your lips will!! I'm just kidding!! It's time to stop being so serious and start being more adventurous with make up!! Don't forget to let me know what you think and how you get on with your experimenting bon bons!!

Love J.