Oh it’s so nice to see unsung beauty heros creating a buzz . I’ve noticed alot of excitement in the u.k resently over Eyeko make up (Eyeko meaning love in japanese) . Gosh knows where from but I’m not complaining!

I first saw Eyeko make up a few years ago . It was actually in a manga exhibition and Manchesters Urbis art gallery . I guess you could say it was one of the big contributing factors in my love for experimenting with make up . Don’t let it’s Japanese twist fool you though! This is actually a London born business , so yes I can actually inform you Brits that we actually have this available to us!!

The website boasts an impressive list of famous clients including Gwen Stefani and Kylie Minogue . What’s even more impressive is the range of magazines that use the companies products Vogue , Cosmopolitan , Glamour and many more!!

So because here at Bon-Vivant-Clique we are so lovely to our little bon bons , how about getting your hands on some goodies?

Quote the code E8604 at the checkout and when you spend over 10 pounds to recieve your free mystery gift! Click here to shop happy!!

Love J .