Check out my room.

I thought it would be good for you little Bon-bons to see my bedroom. I'll talk you through it.

My love of fashion led me to purchasing two mannequins- one professional one, one vintage. I use them to turn my designs in to real life, but when not in use, they work as wonderful storage to display my pretty accessories. Which include:
1. an amazing vintage hat from 'Freshmans' in Sheffield. spotted it and fell in love. (white)
2. a masquerade mask, it was a present from my mum because she knows how much I love beautiful, pointless accessories. (peacock feathers)
3. a fascinator I made and wore to prom (black with bow)
4. far to many oversized flowers- which, may I add, I have never wore.
5. hair extentions (don't judge me, I missed my EXTRA LONG and amazing hair... I now have a bob, due to overuse of peroxide. oops.)
6. a football scarve, it reminds me of the time me and my best friend went to see a local match in Scotland.
7. vintage gloves my sister bought me from a marvelous boutique in York.

You can also see a cheeky 'Narnia' poster, this is because I was a tad bit obsessed with the 'Prince Caspian' film - it was obviously nothing to do with how gorgeous Ben Barnes is, obviously!
The drawer sets are just crammed filled with
1:make up.
2:hair accessories.
3:hair and nails.
4:costume jewellary.
5:writing supplies.
6:art supplies.

In the beckground, to the left, is a sneaky look at my ensuite, and my BIG BOX of ELLE magazines and other clippings from my favourite magazines (LOVE, vogue.) You can also see the top of all my hockey sticks... I used to love that sport- released alot, ALOT of anger, I don't play anymore.
Don't you just love my hover aswell.

These photos show 2 of my 4 wardrobes. (I also have 2 sets of drawers) Its true, I own wayyy to many clothes, but, I just cannot get rid of anything, believe me, I have tried.
I am quite versitile in what I wear, one day I will wear trainers (my beautiful Nikes shoved in the top) the next I wear a shirt suit (see amazing, deap purle shirt- purchased whilst at 'Clothes ShowLive- Birmingham.) In the second photo, it shows my 'going out' wardrobe, this has all my marvelous party dresses, glitter and silks- yummy. This wardbrobe has plenty of stunning vintage peices, like the fur poking out, the purple dress with sequins on and the dar, floral dress on the right.

This photo is of my door, yes, my door. It is jam-packed with beautiful labels.
My ultimate Prada- curtesy of la Grandfather and is probably the most expensive thing I own- has some shiny headbands attatched (collected on a girls night out in town) The red and white striped Dolce and Gabbana was from a trip to London with my brother, the red bag at the bottom is also Dolce- theres another one hidden by the 'Armani Exchange' scarve (the best present I have ever got, from my brother- I wore this turquoise scarve every day for 6 months!) The patch-work bag is Chanel and is from Milan. Finally, the white, tribal print scarve is from Topshop -yeah, not the best label- but is equally beautiful but completely unconventional and so far, unwearable, shame!

This is my little work station, just reminds me of being a kid again.

I like hats alot. I don't tend to wear them, but I do have some utterly fantastic ones. The straw hats make me feel like I'm a little indie, playing Kum-by-ah by a campfire. The hat boxes hold some insane vintage numbers. Note the 'nerd' glasses on top- love them. I also have a few charleton style hats which really are gorgeous.

These photos are pretty personal; my memory box and little wall display.
The memory box has hundreds of fantastic things I have collected over my life, the best photos and things that I would die if I lost. Here, you can see a photo of Ben Barnes (my number 3 after MY HUSBAND JAMES MORRISON then my lover Simon neil... I wish) A photo of a woman I'll descibe in a sec, A photo of me and my best friends in High School, a Camden logo, because its the best place in the world and a really old picture of my siblings and I.
The wall display has the most amazing photo ever taken of James Morrison (I am going to marrry him, by the way) with my gig ticket, when I first went to see him play. WOW, I have a video of him looking at me! There is a vintage (I bet you are bored of this word by now) photo that I found in an old photo album, with loads of photos of the same woman (I am now a little in love with her, I have a photo I take everywhere of her and what I guess is, her husband.) Theres a photo of my most recent holiday with my brother and some fantastic lads we met. My gig ticket to Biffy Clyro- insane band, and Simon Neil YUMMY! Of course (the people who know me would guess), a picture of Lady Gaga (aaaamazing woman) with the same bag and scarve I own, yay.
Finally, ajack daniels logo, because it IS the best drink.

A cheeky bit of booze, you should know me by now.

This is my beauty station. With a canvas of Audrey Hepburn as inspiration.
In the background, there is a picture frame with my best friend, this was when I had peroxide blonde hair, beautiful but lethal. Theres an antique mirror peeking out on the right, this is my 'thoughts' mirror, I ask it for advice.

I adore my bedroom. Its alittle jam packed but its so me.
It tells a massive story about myself.

It would be cool to hear your opinions or compare your bedroom to mine.
Emails please.
Or ask for my mobile number.

Love K