Call them Witches

With 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' prequel, 'The Great and Powerful Oz', being released in cinemas in April, 2013 may just be the year of magic. So, in the words of The Wicked Witch of the West, 'You'll all believe in more than that when I'm finished with you...'
Get ready to blow the dust off of the old Pagan symbols your crazy, great-Aunt would wear because Wiccan- the religion of witches- symbols seemed to have cast a spell over the fashion industry this season, earning itself a position as a key fashion trend for Spring/ Summer 2013.
It seems there is always a primary symbol appearing in the forefront of fashion, from the hand of Fatima to the evil eye; this season it is the pentagram- the predominant symbol representing witches. The British accessory brand, Me&Zena's new collection is one of the many brands incorporating the pentagram in the form of knuckledusters and necklaces. They are available in Pagan-princess, pink copper and midnight magic, dark silver (stocked online or at the Saatchi Gallery, London.)
One of the chosen few brands, responsible for the revival of Wiccan chic is Thierry Mugler, who has created the 'glamour witch.' Starting with Lady Gaga's black clawed nails for her 'Edge of Glory' single (Fall 2011) then on to this seasons Titania ring, insinuating that we can harness the power of the universes largest moon. Other brands such as Allsaints and Religion have helped transform the stereotypical vision of a witch from a green faced hag, in to a jewel-encrusted, drenched in black, enchantress. Pair Allsaints embellished dream catcher dress with Religion royalty hard case clutch (available in store and online) for an all powerful outfit.
Dream catchers have also revived themselves as part of this mystical trend, showing themselves as a token of positive energy with Miley Cyrus leading the cult. Last year the hipster queen got a dream catcher tattoo on her ribs, 'representing her four brothers and sisters... to protect them,' and has also been spotted wearing dream weaver earrings.
Perhaps this turn to spirituality is a reflection of the skepticism we have involving our present. With the current economic boom, spiritual symbols are helping us regain positive thought. Stylist Jordy Huinder said, 'I think we live in a very spiritual time at the moment and symbols are always in fashion. Fashion reflects on what happens in the world.'
The owner of Quest, a spiritual center and stockist in Epsom, Carolina Starre said that 'There has definitely been a rise in sales recently. More and more women are becoming interested in the power of crystals, palmistry and incense. However, the customer's who come in store usually know exactly what they are looking for.' Perchance this is because in a recent survey, 54% of readers believe in the power of magic and spiritual symbols.
One of my favourite styles to come out this season- following numerous musicians including Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Ellie Goulding wearing cosmic/ galaxy print- which adds a hint of nineties to the cauldron, is Quiet Life's five panel camper hat (baseball cap). The constellation pattern is perhaps rendition to the idea we are finally believing in beyond: that fantasy may just be reality.
Urban Outfitters and Asos are also ready to conjure up the magic this season as they are stocking the Australian brand, Evil Twin; the brand which could only be described as the 2013 version of the Halliwell sisters (from hit nineties program 'Charmed'). With velvet skater skirts, 'Eat My Cosmic Dust' slogan T-shirts and quarter moon (a popular Wiccan symbol meaning 'Yin'- half of the well known 'yin and yang' symbol) jumpers making up the popular collection.
Don't forget to channel your inner occultist this season and ride that broomstick across the full moon.