HPR Press Day

The HPR Press day was full to the brim of beautiful dresses, shoes and jewellery: a woman would think she was in Athena's wardrobe.
I was shown around each collection and talked through the ins and outs of the designers inspiration, where the produsts are stocked and the price ranges. There were brands such as Shelly (which I have already done a post on) Paul and Joe and Charlie May- blogger turn designer.
The goodie bags were a dream, we each recieved two Charlie May bracelets, nail polish and magazines: I for one haven't removed the bracelet since, it is beautiful.
The food served was made by Savage salads and not even kidding when I say the green bean and salmon salad was hands down the nicest thing I have ever eaten in my life.

All in all, it was a lovely morning and I shall upload new posts with the individual collections and information on.