Multi Coloured Highlights

The final look
Lasting finish minerals: loose powder foundation
Famous by Sue Moxley: baked bronze pot
Pout: apricot totty blusher
Lasting drama gel liner
Avon true colour: smokey eyes shadow
Benefit: bad gal lash
Sleek true colour: amethyst lipstick

The original inspiration
Katy Perry Firework video teaser
(image sourced:

I have always been super experimental with my hair as I have the motto, 'it will always grow or dye back.' And although I have already had all over baby pink hair with blue and purple highlights, I wanted to try a bit of a katy perry look.
Step one
My original and natural shade

Before I started with the dye, I had my natural hair colour, which you can see is a very dark brown and because I have learned the hard way from over bleaching hair, I was almost a little weary to begin burning my strands again. I decided to pick a reliable brand which I have used before and when used following the instructions and  sensibly is a fantastic product: Jerome Russell B Blonde Home Highlighting Kit.
After using the cap provided all on my own (it is harder than it looks, make sure you have 2 mirrors so you can see the back) and safely using all the advice from the instruction leaflet, the result was as below. 

Step two

Now that this was done, I left my hair to settle for 5 days as bleach can be fairly damaging to your hair. After this period, I used a mix of atlantic blue, apple green, pastel pink, lilac and violet shades of the La Riche, Directions: Semi Permanent Hair Colourants. To apply it, I just got down and dirty and slapped on the colour wherever I wanted hoping the result would be Katy Perry and not a disaster. 

Step three
Multicoloured highlights finished

Have you tried any weird and wonderful colours recently bonbons?
What do you think of the outcome?