Monthly Highlight: JAMES MORRISON

For my 'summer holiday', I decided to stay in the U.K since I am going to uni and need to save the pennies, so when I saw that James Morrison was doing two U.K tour dates in July, I thought, 'YESSSSSSSS!'
My mum thought I was mental traveling all the way to Norwich when we live in Blackpool (thats a 6 hour train journey) and then Cambridge the next day, but I knew I had to do it.
I saw Jameo in Sheffield in 2009 with my brother, he got me them as a birthday present, and to say he was amazing would truly be an understatement.
The next year he did a series of arena concerts, but I decided that because I had seen him at such a small venue, and saw the burst of personality he had and decided to only see him at small gigs.
After a super long train journey and reading a WHOLE book, we finally made it to Kind Edward VII, a lovely B&B and rock venue. We ended up at the gig a little too late as everyone had already gone in- the support act, the beautiful, and talented Benjamin, he really really was the best support ever, I don't usually watch the supports at concerts, but he was so chilled out and care free, it was infectious.
When Jameo came on, the crowd went mental : some middle aged, lairy women seemed to have had one to many (probably one more than their age) and were chanting some old woman chant and talking about their mid-life crisis' as if they were on (the beloved) Jeremy kyle. We moved, asap.
We danced to his new songs, sang to the classics, took a zillion photographs.

I bought these extensions on ebay, for £16, but I had to go to my local market because my hair is so so thick and the extensions didn't fill it out. However, the other set (the purple ones) were only £9, so it didn't break the bank.
The only problem was that I used to have red hair, and bought the extensions red, so I bought a 'plum' coloured hair dye and dyed the extensions along with my hair: leaving the ends red- like a dip dye. Because they are real hair, it worked so well.

After the concert, we spent a great night out in Norwich with some semi-pro footballers (or something- I may have drank too much) in clubs like TAO and Lula los- the cutest little club ever.
The next morning we travelled to Cambridge and had a bit of drama after we arrived, our hotel was in a town 40 minutes away (in a car) which was a hour on a bus then a 30 minute walk down country lanes and motorways, or a £20 taxi fare. Us being tourists (and students) opted for the £3 bus route, sadly Megan was a tad travel sick, so that wasn't too fun. Then we were landed in the middle of no where with no taxi number and no idea of where we were going. We used the iPhone's satnav system to get our bearings, which took us down a death trap county lane with cars zooming past us (us, with our suitcases behind us) then we got stuck on a motorway services bridge- the sun sweltering hot, tights burning, sweating, tired, hungover. NO!
Luckily we hailed down a cab, he took us to out location for free! At last some luck eh?
He even said he would pick us up at half 6 so we could make it to the concert on time.
This gave us time to share an ice cold bath, which was sooooo nice!
We got to the queue at about ten to 7, which was good, so we were pretty close to the front, and by the time we got inside we were 3 lines back!

Benjamin supported again which was great, I really hope he does become really successful.
Then Jameo came on.
It was completely different to the Norwich gig: I got tingles in my stomach.
When he played 'Please Don't Stop the Rain', I swear I nearly cried (he didn't play it in Norwich) and he played 'This Boy' probably one of my favourites. I rang my mum and my best friend, my sister and brother: they appreciated it.

Isn't he a beaut?
For anyone who knows me half well, they know JameyMoz is my absolute favourite thing in the world. So this little few days away were better than a month in New York to me.

This is what I looked like in Cambridge.
The bowler hat is from a joke shop (HAHA!)
The top is from a place called 'Steals' in blackpool that sells damaged stock from Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Republic etc. I got it for £6, nice!
The fake eyelashes were 99p from Bodycare, and they are the best fake eyelashes in the world.

After I got home, I found out that James Morrison is now switching on the Blackpool lights on september the 2nd, (thank god before I go away to London on the 7th) So I am going to try bag an interview for you bonbons and yes, for me too.


P.s. This monthly highlight is a new type of post J and I are going to try out. We have just had a massive meet about the direction BVC will have after J moves to Manchester and I move to London in September- you lucky Bonbons will get the best of the North and South.