The ultimate showdown; How tall is too tall?

If you follow us on twitter, you will already know that I (J) am a lanky lady at large. Well actually, in fairness, I'm certainly not the tallest at 5ft 8", but when the glitter ball goes up and the heels go on, I magically turn into 'He-women', towering everyone one and thing in my path.

My problem is I love heels. Not just any heels, skyscrapers. I will literally save my most disgusted expression for kitten heels.

I didn't even realise this was a problem until today. Which, when thinking back, is quite something since I can't go out on a night on the town in Blackpool without some drunken, beer bellied bloke letting me know I'm a 'Bean pole' or even one time, asking if I was 'One of those transgender things from mingoes'. Now I'm not telling you a sob story, I actually find it hilarious. But today I changed my mind a little.

It was whilst trying on dresses that my boyfriend's sister in law had offered to lend me that I started to mull over what shoes to wear. I asked my boyf what shoes would go with the dress. ''I have my old prom shoes upstairs, I could wear them!'' Now I don't want to say his face dropped but a shower of statements along the lines of ''Yea but you're taller than me.'' ''You're like a giant'' and ''I'm sure you've heard people comment on how tall you are.'' followed. He is the same size as me so any extra high is noticeable and I actually dwarf him in heels.

So thinking back, yes there was comments. I never took them on board though, until now that is. I mean you can only keep telling yourself ''Wear what you feel suits you.'' for so long, because what if in reality you really do look like a total plank!

So ladies do women have a duty to stay petite in order to preserve their boyf's manlyness? and how tall is too tall for a lady?

Love J.