Red Nose Day is Fashionable

Tell you what... the line up this year to model for Red Nose Day is CRAZY!!! Lara Stone (of course) and a team of friends including Helena Christensen, gorgeous Sienna Miller and David Gandy are set to be the stars for the charity campaign in 2011, photographed by no other than Brian Adams, who has given up singing, to be a photographer... also CRAZY.
Liberty has designed silk scarves for the initiative aswell.... BUT... the best part so far, (I hear you say, the list of models isn't the best part?! I know!!!) Vivienne Westwood has designed a limited edition T shirt, that say are "humerous, historical prints- including Rowan Atkinson as Edmund and Miranda Richardson as Queenie from Blackadder and William Shakespeare, each adorned with the charity's signature red nose."
Westwood says, "Comic Relief does a lot and I try to help where I can. I do believe we are an endangered species and I think it is great to try and do anything you possibly can, even if to help just one person."

Her T shirts will be £14.99, from TK Maxx..... I know I'm going to buy one!!!!!

Love K